A Guide To Submitting Music:

If your reading this page, you are probably a musician, band or a recording company. Shake 108 DOES accept unsolicited submissions.
This DOES NOT guarantee that we will play them. We receive a significant number of music submissions every week from major labels, major independents, self-publishers and the like. In other words, we get a lot of music. Therefore, it is impossible to add ever Music Submission received to the station's playlist. In order to ensure that your music is reviewed, please follow these guidelines.

Our primary format is variety, where we concentrate on danceable, feel good music focused on adults.
You've probably noticed that listening to our rotation. Our secondary focus is on local and regional music that is more or less compatible with our primary format. Local means the artist or group has a connection to the Greater Miami area. Our regional focus extends to the state of Florida, Southeastern United States, Caribbean and Latin America. Unsigned artists outside of these areas are given less consideration for airplay in our regular format.

Preferred format for music submissions: (Please allow 3-4 weeks for review)

1. The music must be of professional quality and be commercially available. Links to high-quality electronic files
(.wav or 256 kbps 44.1 khz better mp3).

2. Emailed minimum 128 kbps 44.1 khz mp3's for review. If we like it, we will request a higher-quality file.

3. Physical CD (if you really feel like you have to go that route).

We are unable to broadcast mp3 files less than 256 kbps 44.1 khz sampling rate because the sound quality degrades and is unacceptable on our digital audio streams.

• Do not organize a telephone request campaign. This will not influence the decision of the programming staff.

• A CD submitted for review, will not be returned unless accompanied by a self addressed stamped envelope.


It is unnecessary to go through the expense and trouble of sending press kits, headshots, glossys and the like. Space limitations prevent us from storing any of that material. A link to your Facebook / Myspace / ReverbNation, etc. EPK is sufficient. It is cheaper for you and more convenient for us! Snacks and cookies (especially Macarons and Oatmeal Raisin) are always appreciated, otherwise it is unnecessary to mail or ship physical copies to the station.


We do not consider and do not air music that has explicit language,
not commercially available for purchase, or those who do not follow above instructions.

All Music that is submitted MUST BE EDITED AND RADIO READY
INCLUDE all required CONTACT INFORMATION and ARTIST'S BIO before it can be reviewed to be placed on the air.

Mailing/Physical Shipping Address:
SHAKE 108 FM 305 Community Radio MADE at the Citadel
8325 NE 2nd Avenue. Miami, Florida 33138