We are seeking out talented individuals or groups interested in collaborating as part of Shake 108's Creative in Residence in what we call the Digital Takeover. This is where we allow the selected creatives to take over multiple parts of our digital presence, from claiming complete portions of our website, first dibs on creating the items for our first annual Shake 108 FM merchandise collection, all the way to hi-jacking our social media accounts for days on end.

The submissions when received are to be analyzed by the media committee and the radio station's board, which will select the creatives that will be part of SHAKE 108's Creative In Residence. The notification about the selection of artist's will be announced on our FB event page and our email newsletter before the work is published, and also individually to the e-mail address from where the artist submitted the work.

By submitting the work; the participant confirms to be the only person responsible for the authenticity of the supplied data, for the work's authorship and/or content, being, therefore, the only liable person for such creations, answering before civil and criminal law for the practice of plagiarism or any other act which may hurt copyrights or the intellectual property of another person. It is of the participant's total responsibility the use of images from third parties that may be part of the works' content.

By submitting your work; the participants authorize the organizer, in a free, definitive, universal and irrevocable way, to use the works produced by them for participation in SHAKE 108's digital presence, as well as their names, images and voice sound, in all and any type of SHAKE 108's advertising and press communications, transmitted through electronic, digital, and/or printed media, including magazines, posters, television, radio and internet broadcasts, and any other type of media and/or promotional pieces, in the way that the Organizer considers suitable, without the incidence of any liability for the Organizer.

If you agree to all the above, please submit via email;
your art, your name as you want it stated in the credits of your art, and a link to your website to
Creatives@SHAKE108.com with the subject line:
SHAKE 108 FM Creative in Residence