Johnny Dread; brother and artist was born Juan Carlos Guardiola. During his youth, he spent most of his time perfecting his talent on the basketball court. Due to his skill and leadership, he was given a full scholarship to attend Florida International University. While attending, something appealing came his way. Something real, something true. This is where the transformation began, and he put down "jock" to pick up music. Johnny met Anthony Booker, Bob Marley's younger brother, and they clicked immediately. Together, they started a band called "Copacetic". Although the band went their separate ways, Copacetic went on to reach #7 on The Billboard charts in 1997. RasTafari, with it's culture and precepts was exactly the road he was searching for. He started to get deeper and deeper into crossing the line from simply being "conscious", to actually living a spiritual life altogether. After an enlightening trip to beautiful Jamaica, Johnny recorded his first solo album entitled "Scarecrow". This is sweet listening and showcases much of Johnny's early style and mentality. As he continued to grow, he released a second album entitled "The Book of Revelations", with "Vision" being the first in a series of chapters we all are looking forward to experiencing in the years to come. Vision is excellent. Truly Roots, Rock style, totally original and unique. No one has ever heard an artist like Johnny Dread before. His voice is deep...very deep. So deep in fact that at certain points in your own meditation, you can feel the depth in your bones. The message is simple and truthful: Show the world that YAH love is what will heal. Praise The Most High and Unite. Now, thanks to The Creator for making it possible, Johnny has released a third album, second in "The Book of Revelations" series entitled "Magnificent People", and Magnificent it is! This time, we see fresh, enthusiastic rythyms, of course with that unique Johnny Dread style, and more female backing throughout the whole album. The message is very insightful, and he truly let's us know what he comes to do. "I'd much rather be truthful, then to decieve you again, my friend." This latest album truly shows Johnny's younger side, with a quicker pace, and a wider range in vocals. On a spiritual level, Johnny Dread knows exactly what is necessary for our survival; UNITY. He knows exactly what is taking place in The World today, how prophecy is being fulfilled and is fully aware of which side of the story he wants to be walking in. In these times, when we live in a world of confusion, where recycled pop stars come and go with the breeze, Johnny Dread's music is like brand new classics. As a person, Johnny is wonderful. He is outspoken , yet extremely reserved and steadfast. He is very kind and trustworthy, and when he laughs, his humor is naturally graceful. All in all, Johnny comes not to lecture, but to conquer the foolishness in this world with a truthful message to entertain, educate, and unite as one family serving The Lord.

Written by Nuzrath Nokomis


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