Camilo Rafael Sierra aka "Tumbao" was born in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico in 1981. Given this natural ability to create, Camilo is constantly in a state of observation of the world around him. His artistic vision weaves through many forms, most of them self-taught hobbies. Camilo is an accomplished illustrator, designer and editor. He learned piano at the age of 8 after being given a keyboard as a gift. His skills were refined playing in church and throughout his school years under the watchful eye of his family, friends and world renowned salsa icons Richie Ray & Bobby Cruz. He has played piano, provided vocals and other talents in several projects including Grammy Nominees Locos Por Juana & Mr. Pauer. Other collaborations include Suénalo, Jahfé, Johnny Dread, Cultura Profetica, Dub-P, DJ A6 & DJ Fuse, Shayda Gray among many others. Camilo is currently the Senior VP of Total Control Productions, and is the lead singer for Xperimento, a spontaneous and lively take on Urban-Latin Fusion. Hard work is an understatement. In a world where everything has been seen and done, Camilo brings a fresh yet familiar vibe to creativity which invites us to look again.

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